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"The strangest of all sexual abnormalities is chastity"

Anatole France 1844-1924

Greetings dear Customer, and welcome to Aikuisten Lelukauppa, the Adult Toy Store!

You will find a variety of different products from our selection of items for yourself and your partner.

From our store you will find the most superb gift ideas for revitalizing the everyday life, and also for special celebrations. When flowers has withered and chocolate has been eaten, Lelukauppa T-shirt or hoodie will keep you warm and your new vibrator will buzz until the end of the world!

Our personnel is skilled and able to help you make the right choices for all those demanding situations, from which you naturally want to succeed as a winner with red cheeks and sparkling eyes!

P.S. Many companies advertise themselves while using our name, so please be careful that you hit the right spot! You will find us in the Kallio district of Helsinki, at Viides linja 7. Welcome!

Best wishes,
Kari Valo

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